How To: Understand saltatory conduction in neurons

Understand saltatory conduction in neurons

This video is a discourse about saltatory conduction in the neurons. According to the author, it begins with the opening of a gate on the membrane of one of the dendrites of a neuron, and positive charge enters through this gate. The positive charge spreads throughout the cell, and gets dissipated as it spreads, so that, by the time it reaches the Axon hillock of the neuron, it is left with very little potential. However, the potential which results from the simultaneous excitement of many dendrites causes the sodium and potassium pumps to open in sequence, leading to a huge amplification in the signal. As the signal travels down the Axon, it is boosted by the action of the sodium and potassium pumps located at the Nodes of Ranvier, and in this manner it reaches the terminals.

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