News: Drown, and then, revive a fly

Drown, and then, revive a fly

Lazarus, rise from the dead!

This video intrigues me for its social implications. Frankly, I am not racing to personally replicate this tutorial.

I am so trained to the concerns of PETA and the Humane Society, that there is something oddly compelling about watching a fly get tortured. Soon, I suspect, a video such as this will be declasse.

Until then, time to appreciate the diverse fascinations of all DIY kin.

Revive a drowned fly

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supposedly the fly never drowns and the salt isn't necessary

it's got heightened survivabilities.... therefore it's just shocked

and time is all that helps it mobilize -- this is the same for frozen flies.

What is the science behind this? Anybody know?

I think supposedly that the water leaches out into the salt, like salt preserved meat. The water wants to be equally distributed, and wicks out into the slat to try an achieve equilibrium.Maybe you can dehydrate the water saturated fly by keeping putting it in salt????

I think there's a breathing organ on the fly's legs/feet that closes up when they're in water to keep them from drowning. They look dead but they're really in some sort of stasis to keep them from dying.

lol "lazarus rise from the dead"....from CNC3 right?

noo from the bible u moron

Coooooool, but is it really useful? Baaaah: who cares? XD

Insects breath through spiracles in their skin. He definitely drowned the fly and the salt was used to draw the water out of the flies body to revive it.

Stick to the freezer trick of reviving a fly, it doesn't quite require drowning the thing.

I believ we spray them to kill them, why bring them back?

Woah, wtf? o.o

wicked awsome

Too bad you killed it at the end :p

anybody knows how to revive a dead girl? flies arent useful to me...

dumb ass!!! playing with the lives of other beings.

can i do it with ANTS..??..PLZZ ANY1 TELL ME..!!

lol i like the end >:) nice vid


that was intersting and bloody hilarious at the same time, good enough for me to leave the first comment ever on any site for any reason

You can also drown it in piss

Im am all up for trying out diffrent science #$%@ but i think it was a bit unfair how you sort of killed him.. brought him back to life then just killed him 4 real.. yh some of you would just say its only a fly/insect but at the end of the day its still a living creature

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