News: Hack a CRT into a lightning ball

Hack a CRT into a lightning ball

NK5 is a genuine wizard with an old monitor. He's hacked together everything from an electric kitty fence to a Halloween hologram using the guts of an old CRT.

This particular hack is quite wonderful and the most beautiful of all of NK5's creations. He creates an electric sculpture referred to by scientists as a "plasma sphere" or "nebula ball".

NK5's mod shows us HowTo transform an old monitor into a high voltage power source to produce between 5,000V and 10,000V at a frequency of around 20kHz.Umm... be careful. It is electrical current after all.

Make your own lightning globe

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This is a really really bad idea.

if you touch the exposed grid you could die.

5000V is no joke.

Ya i wouldn't touch that...


volts dont kill amps do dumbasses

ive taken a thirty thousand volt shock that had like no amps and barley felt a thing

Agreed! 5000 volts doesn't kill. It's the amperage that kills

agreed ski and bob

Does it consumes electricity? I wonder if I could hang it at my door's room and turn it into a welcome light.

i want the kind yu can touch and not get electrocuted ....

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