News: Make a tomato glow in the dark

Make a tomato glow in the dark

Make a tomato glow in the dark Gather all Mad Scientists. Science doesn't have to be all about hitting the books and memorizing formulas. Sometimes it's closer to Frankenstein or Dr.Jekyll than you can imagine. It's time to turn tomatoes into glow in the dark orbs.

Video producers ShootingEggs did not include much about the science behind this mysterious glow, so we did our own research.

Today's HowTo experiment is a bioluminescent reaction of chemiluminescence. This is similar to the phenomenon of phosphorescence, which occurs when the sea is alight with thousands of glowing plankton. The solution of bleach, phosphorous and hydrogen peroxide catalyze a reaction that gives off photons. The photons then emit light. Unfortunately, the tomato will only glow for the duration of the reaction (1-3 minutes).

Oh, and one more bummer: if you eat this it will make you sick, not a human glowstick.

Make a tomato glow in the dark (FAKE?)

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BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!!!! Hey use the injector from an old inkjet refill kit!!!

Nice. All that money spent on making Genetically Modified glowing animals? This could be the way forward at a fraction of the cost.

Glowing rats anyone?

This would kill them, try making this and injecting enough to make you glow see what happens.

Cool. Can't wait for the growing season. A burning bush!

Cool!!.... but how much bleach... which of the two layers do you collect.... and do you need pure hydrogen peroxide or will the 3% or so in the brown bottled stuff work?

dunno, looks fake

good trick! I wonder how long the glowing effect last?

the glowing tomato from Springfield!

has anyone tried it? wht was the outcome/?

it should work

how come it didnt work for me

Can you make your meat glow with this technique?

you need to collect the top layer of liquid to inject...the 3% stuff will work but the stronger the better for the peroxide....and the meat would work but you'd be better off using the chems as a rub rather than injecting cuz you need a space for the chemicals to meet

were can you find those kind of matches?

Doesn't work. Tried it. Are they claiming that tomatoes have CYALUME or LUMINOL in them? Kind of a bummer considering Shooting Eggs Productions usually has good info.


where the HELL am i supposed to get a syringe? the hippie from the dark, scary alley?

aw you cannot eat them?... jk

aw you can;t eat them

the whole apple tree is lighting up in the night now... YAY!!!!!

bought 2 kinds of non safety matches neither glows in black light. hmmm

Not working. Please, make me know what kind of bleach.

Use orgarnic peroxide

oh yea im only 13 yrs old but i tried it!

its so coool!

the tomato glowed and i go money from my clasm8s!

we made a bet !

I highly doubt that..this video is completly fake. ?

Total fake, there are very few things in the world that produce visible light by chemical reactions. The most common ones are luminol, singlet oxygen, and peroxylates (cyalume). Neither matches nor a tomato contain any of these things. The lesser common ones are so weak as to be invisible to a household camera.

In short, whatever this is. It's not working like the video suggests, thus it's fake.

peroxylates? umm tomatoes contain oxalic acid in good amounts, and if you used strong enough hydrogen peroxide, I think there is a chance of this creating a peroxylate. My guess is that the bleach and high phosphorus match heads are used more as an aid in the natural glowing of the peroxide/oxalic acid reaction either in the form of a catalyst or other wise as a phosphorescent substance that would cause light generated in the uv end of the spectrum to become visible. I haven't researched the chemistry behind this, just positing a hypothesis on how this might be plausible.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Engineer

i tried it and it didnt work DX

how long do u think the glow would last?

lol wonder how many people die from eating tomatoes with bleech in them

i DONT think its a FAKE
(pretty damn confusing message)

where can i get hydrogen peroxide?

I say, all the people who say FAKE, have you even tried it yet? If not, then u are a #$%@tard and should be eradicated immediately. Not to say that i've tried it. it seems a bit like the glowing mountain dew... whick CAN be done, but not in tthe way the videos say.

ah a toxic tomato, prehaps i should give one to the neighbours saying its a magic potato from the vegetable/fruit king and eating it will make u immortal

IT WORKS !!! :D thanks shooting egg productions :) i knew u wouldnt let me down :P :D

Is it possible to work experience other things?

of course it works it was my scince fair project a couple years back its a simple chemical reaction

I like cemestry. however how long will this last, as the reactions will lose all thiere energy becuase they are losing heat, light energy. so in other words how long will this glow last? thanks

Tried it and it is FAKE FAKE FAKE. Used medical-grade hydrogen peroxide (12% concentration) and the best non-safety matches out there (this is tricky since before safety matches, matches used white phosphorous which basically doesn't exist anymore. In some countries it's illegal to make matches this way and in the U.S. it's taxed so heavily that no one makes them. So you have to use something like "strike-anywhere" matches). Not even a faint glow. He faked the video by using the liquid material from glowsticks.

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