Neuro-Fashion: Wiggling Cat Ears with Brainwaves

Wiggling Cat Ears with Brainwaves

While most people go to great lengths to conceal their emotions, Japanese company Neurowear is offering a product that would reveal states of tension, excitement and relaxation—all by the up-and-down motion of a pair of cartoony cat ears. 

Necomimi is a "new communication tool that augments human's body and ability." The device reads your brain waves and communicates your emotions before you even open your mouth:

  • Concentration = Ears Up
  • Relaxation = Ears Down
  • Concentration + Relaxation = Ears Up and Move Actively

Neurowear says they're interested in how people will respond to this loss of control, but they've also found that after some use, their test subjects are able to control their new cat ears. 

Other than a cute gimmick, how could this product be applied in the medical sector? Could it be useful for deaf people, or those who suffer from motor neuron diseases? Comment below.

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