News: Rear End Illusions

Rear End Illusions

Let's take a look at the softer side of illusions! Check out the images below and see if you can crack what's really behind these photos. This type of optical illusion is usually referred to as an ambiguous image. Your brain tries to make quick sense out of the information coming in, and sometimes an interpretation of one image gets preference over the other.

In this first picture (expertly drawn by some random internet person), do you see a healthy overweight American chest or ...?

Rear End Illusions

...a nice piece of action? It took me more than a few seconds to realize what I was actually staring at. (Of course, right after that I right-click saved.)

Next image. How does your brain interpret this picture?

Rear End Illusions

Sorry guys, that's not a sweet piece of a** you're looking at... guess again.

Next. Is this a woman with her legs up or just a household lamp?

Rear End Illusions

Rear End Illusions

Mystery solved. Glad to know someone out there tracked down the original image.

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That last one is obviously shopped. C'mon now, I'm disappointed.

I'm with you Ben, it's definitly shopped1

The girl holding the camera is pretty hot. She also has a nice little camel toe. MMMMMMMMMMM

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