News: Transform your watch into a compass

Transform your watch into a compass

Honest. WonderHowTo was more than skeptical!

But then we consulted the pros at and got a lesson in navigation.

The watch face is a proven substitute for the magnetic compass (but this tutorial is for Northern Hemisphere only).

"If you have an analog wrist watch, you can use the time to find north. Hold your watch up in front of you, and let the short hand point at the sun. While holding it like this, cut the angle between the red arrow and 12 o'clock in half, (noon-wards if the time is before 6am or after 6pm), that way is south."

Use a watch as a compass

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cool, is this the same reason how sundials work?

so what do you do if the sun is overhead??? like it is during the middle hours of the day.

The Sun is never directly overhead... unless you are near or on the equator

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