Forum Thread: 10 Disturbing Facts You Wish You Didn't Know

From insects in our food to tapeworms in household pets, here are 10 disturbing facts you wish you didn't know.

If an asteroid just one kilometer in size hit Earth, it would cause mass extinctions…
There are 15 comets this big whose orbits cross path with our own.

The average human has 10 times more bacteria than human cells.

Certain amounts of insect fragments are allowed in the food we eat…
The FDA steps in when more than 90 insect fragments are found.

A single field slug can have 90,000 grandchildren and 27,000 great grandchildren.

If a giant panda has twins, it will leave one to die.

Britons have 1.4 trillion Euros in household debt…
Americans have 13.3 trillion dollars of household debt.

Humans lose 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute…
and 50 million a day.

It is possible to get a tapeworm infection from a household pet.

The average office keyboard has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet.

One billion years from now…
The sun will have had expanded and engulfed Earth.

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