Forum Thread: Why Is the Cytoplasm Important?

Why is the cytoplasm important to a cell?

Cytoplasm is referred as cytosol,
It is a clear,jelly like substance. It is a little thicker than an egg white.

Think of cytoplasm as the water in the pool

A pool does not function well without the water filling it up.
The organelles are suspended in the cytoplasm much like these floats are in the next video.

Cytoplasm is located between the nucleus and the cell membrane

The cytoskeleton present in the cytoplasm gives the cell its shape. The cytoplasm also has nutrients salts and it aids to dissolve waste products.

It helps movement of the cellular materials around the cell through a process called cytoplasmic streaming. Here is an example of cytoplasmic streaming Notice how the chloroplasts moving in the euglena cells.

In summary, the cytoplasm is a clear, jelly like substance found in cells that contains nutrients,salts,
Helps give the cell it's shape, and helps cell materials move about.

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