How To: Measure toilet flush volume

Measure toilet flush volume

This is a how-to video about measuring the toilet flush volume. This is a handy method to find out how much water is used for flushing your toilet. Here is the step by step technique to measure the water capacity of your toilet.

1)Turn of the water supply to the tank to the flush tank. Remove the lid from the flush tank.

2)With the help of a pencil mark the water level present in the flush tank and in the bowl.

3)Flush the water in the tank by pressing the flush lever.

4)Using a 1 gallon jug to fill the water into the flush tank. Fill up the tank to the pencil mark you marked already. Keep a count of the gallon of water it takes to fill up to the pencil mark.

5)Fill the bowl back to the pencil mark to keep track of the water as well.

6)For this demonstration the flush tank took 3 gallons of water to fill up to the pencil mark and the bowl took half a gallon of water. Adding both we can determine the capacity of the toilet. In this case it is 3.5 gallon toilet.

7)Turn on the water supply back to restore water supply to the flush tank.

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