News: Bored? Get High Now (Using Your Computer)

Bored? Get High Now (Using Your Computer)

For some of you out there, today may be a looooong Friday. But have no fear, if you've yet to furtively accomplish shaving off a few extra minutes from the office clock, there is an alternative for getting through the day: computer pharmaceuticals. Relax, moms, we're not talking illicit drugs. Computer pharmaceuticals (AKA: optical and audio illusions) are completely natural, harmless highs that promise to alter your perception and consciousness- without the risk of drugs or alcohol.

Bored? Get High Now (Using Your Computer)

Enter the world of Get High Now, a complementary site to the book Get High Now Without Drugs: Over 175 Sensory Trips and Tricks for Visual Stimulation, Compressing Time, Lucid Dreaming, Mediation, and More by James Nestor. Inspired by Nestor's uncle, an amateur researcher of consciousness altering techniques, the book is a journey into 175 safe methods for bending the mind. Whether or not you're interested in the book, Nestor's site is a fine way to spend your Friday afternoon at the office:

Listen now: 12 audio highs.

Watch now: 15 visual highs.

Sneak preview! The Benham's Disc: "Concentrate on the spinning eye at the center of the disk. Soon, from the black-and-white image, colors will emerge. These colors are not coming from the spinning image, but from within your eyes, your lyin' eyes. As the disk slows, the colors will change positions, tone, and intensity. Different people will see different colors..."

Note: There's a $0.99 app available for iPhone and Android users.

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It is even difficult to read the text when the first image is visible, the website is interesting too. The Face Off video was interesting. I watched it at first and didn't see anything out of the ordinary, but after watching it a few times it looked like it was a completely different clip. What a trip!

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