News: Ignite chaotic flashes of plasma in your microwave

Ignite chaotic flashes of plasma in your microwave

Yes, plasma. The fourth state of matter.

What's going on? The sparks result from an electrical discharge between the sides of the grape. If the flashes of light are not enough evidence, enjoy the 120Hz buzzing.

The discharges vaporize the sugars in the grape and then cause them to combust. If they get hot enough (due to the continued electrical arcing,) the combustion products form a plasma. Plasma is a gas where the nuclei and electrons have been ripped apart from one another. It is electrically conductive, so it absorbs microwaves keeping itself warm, and causing the cloud to glow.


Make plasma from grapes

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Have you taken into consideration that grapes are treated with some type of sulfur to preserve them during travel. I have read that even on organic grapes (grown pesticide free but treated for preservation?!)


Question, does it ruin the microwave?

um ya its not plasma if it were it would cut through the glass ever herd of an invention called the plasma cutter

If that worked, than florescent lights would explode. I can tell you they don't, I have one right next to me now.
Do some actual research before acting like a know-it-all.

the plasma cutter does not create real plasma, in fact this is not even real plasma. Plasma is a state of matter in which separate atoms move by each other freely, like molecules do in liquids. If you want a example of real plasma it is what the surface of the sun is made up of; because of its constant nuclear activity. And if you still don't believe me look in a science book like I did. Please research before you comment.

I think its safe to say that boberto, being of Latin decent probably knows a thing or two about the properties of plasma...Nerdking haven't you heard of that thing called a plasma cutter? I rest my case.

ya dumbasses its called ive used a plasma cutter and they are the closest thing to real plasma and flourescent bulbs are nowere nere plasma.

great idea! but my question is will this plasma work efficiently for plasma cutters as well ?

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