News: Melt a bottle in your microwave

Melt a bottle in your microwave

Melt a bottle in your microwave Some may call this a microwave prank. There won't be much left of the microwave...but what the heck...let's call it science.

You need a blow torch to initiate the process of ionic conductivity. Horrible plasma noises will belch from your microwave. Glass will shatter.

WonderHowTo, deconstructing the long tail of curiosity.

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Melt a beer bottle in the microwave

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i did this
not a good idea
you will destroy your microwave


The plasma sparks are pretty cool...

oh no i love my microwave.

it doesn't look like he took much care of his microwave before he started melting bottles. re: all the food splatters seen around 1:30.

Also: a lot of these how-to types wear lumberjack shirts, i've noticed.

"yep, too hot to touch"


That's a famous microwave oven. It was used to develop all the tricks featured on "Unwise Microwave Experiments" page starting back around 1995. It appeared on KIRO CH7 Seattle on a segment about microwave hazards. It's seen LOTS of ball-lightnings, burning argon bags, and xmas-ornament light-shows.

No, this stuff doesn't destroy your oven. However, some ovens have weak metal/ceramic bonds on their magnetron tubes, and if the tube gets too hot, the seal can crack and destroy the vacuum. The one thing microwave ovens dislike, is to run empty for many minutes. So, it's best to buy a $5 microwave from a garage sale. Use that as your "experiments" microwave. That also keeps all the charred paint and burned plastic stink away from your food!

you say to remove the glass plate from the microwave beacause it absorbe energy but you say later that if the glass is not heated that the microwave dosen't do anything

What the point? What a waste of time!

what is the purpose of this? you just have too much time on your hands.

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