How To: Make green colored fire flame special effects

Make green colored fire flame special effects

You've seen them at Disneyland's Fantasia. And in big budget movies like "Waterworld" and "Lord of the Rings." Spectacular, glowing fire effects that seem to ripple with the wind are a staple of action movies, and though it may seem like you need a super good video editing team to create such light shows, all you really need is some household chemicals.

Check out this video to learn how to make colored fire effects at home.

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really cool stuff

search Wikipedia for colored fire to see all the different colors you can make

This video shows how to make metal salts for burning with ethanol instead of breathing in other dangerous fumes from methanol and such


cool stuff

can u dissolve boric acid in isopropyl alcohol?

probably but i dont know exactly what kind of color or flame it might make.

Just be carefull, one of me mate went to see the white walls due to boric acid.
20+g. can be deadly to the body.. .But only if u breath it in.. (20g. is ALOT to BREATH in)
- It works and I love it =)

It is cool. Be careful.

you can also make purple with pressure treated wood. it wont kill you just don't breath it to much

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