How To: Freeze water by boiling acetone

Freeze water by boiling acetone

You can freeze water by boiling it. To do this you will need a Vacuum pump. Vacuum pump can be used to suck out air from a container and create vacuum in it. Take a bell jar. Now connect the vacuum pipe into it and suck out the air from it. Take a flash and add little bit of water to it. Now we want to freeze this water. Add some acetone to it. Acetone boils and evaporates very quickly. Add a few chips of marble to it. These will enable in boiling of the water. Now set this flask in the bell jar and start sucking air from it. Now as that air is being removed from the bell jar, the pressure inside decreases. This in turn causes the acetone to boil at much lower temperature than normal. As the acetone starts boiling it also cools the water at the same time. Now after some time you will find that the water is cooled and even turn into frost. This video shows how to freeze water by boiling acetone.

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