How To: Turn water into ice without a freezer

Turn water into ice without a freezer

Here's a fun experiment you can do that will demonstrate the effects that pressure has on the freezing point of a liquid. You will amaze your friends as you do what seems to be impossible, turning water into ice without sticking it in the freezer.

See water freeze before your eyes with the magic of physics.

You Will Need

* Cup
* Water
* Bell jar
* Vacuum pump
* Acetone (optional)

Step 1: Fill cup

Fill the cup with water.

Use equal parts acetone and water to speed the process.

Step 2: Place in bell jar

Place the cup inside the bell jar.

Step 3: Connect to vacuum pump

Connect the bell jar to the vacuum pump and turn it on.

Step 4: Watch the water bubble

Watch the water begin to bubble.

Step 5: Watch the water turn into ice

Watch the water turn into ice as the warmer molecules escape into the vacuum and the cooler molecules clump together to form ice in the cup.

The lower the air pressure, the lower the boiling point of water. If the pressure is low enough, water will boil at room temperature.

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