How To: Purify hydrochloric acid

Purify hydrochloric acid

This video topic was changed. It is now converting muriatic acid to reagent grade hydrochloric acid, HCL).

Items needed: 100mlDistilled water, 2 disposable plastic containers, large plastic container with lid, 100ml muriatic acid.

1. Label a small container with an "R" for reagent grade.

2. Place both small containers into large container.

3. Put water in the right small container and acid in left container. Snap lid closed.

4. Let the container sit for 1-2 weeks. There will be HCL fumes. Open under a fume hood or outside.

5. Small containers will hold equal volumes of HCL, hydrochloric acid. The one with the "R" will be pure, reagent grade hydrochloric acid.

Viewers learn to make hydrochloric acid from Muriatic acid.

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