How To: Use an in-sink Tesla CD turbine and magnetic coupler

Use an in-sink Tesla CD turbine and magnetic coupler

This is a running demonstration of the water-pressure powered Tesla CD Turbine III and Magnetic Coupler, running smoothly and safely at up to 1000 rpm at the sink. The CD Turbine is made from recycled CD's and neodymium magnets.

In this video, the Magnetic Coupler is seen levitating in the magnetic field of the CD Turbine. This vividly shows the interaction between magnetic fields. Then, the Magnetic Coupler is engaged at speed with the CD Turbine. The magnetic clutching action is shown, as well as the self-centering effect of the coupler.

I have an Instructable with lots of details on how to build the Tesla CD Turbine at:

This video is the first in the SinkScience Series, where I will be performing fun experiments with the versatile CD Turbine, using a kitchen sink as backdrop.

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