How To: Dissect a human to see the forearm and hand muscles

Dissect a human to see the forearm and hand muscles

Today, you are going to learn how to dissect the structures in both the forearm and hand of a human cadaver. This anatomy video tutorial will show you how to do it.

It could take you several days to do this. You'll take a close look at the science of the forearm and hand muscles, and anterior compartment of the forearm. If you have the nerve to watch this human corpse being dissected, you might just learn about the nerves themselves. You also see the common digital arteries and some tendons. Just make sure you have a fresh blade on your scalpel.

This is very informative for medical students in need of cadaver dissection instructional videos.

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wonder how to be a serial killer?

awesome dissection videos, this will be my little secret from now on for Anatomy.

i do not know how to watch the videos of dissection please help me

video is not loading

This is a little scary for anyone not studying medicine i would say...

How to see the video?? Not getting it....

plzzz help me out guysss....I m not gettin how to watch the videos...?

anyone could help me on how to view those videos?????????????

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