How To: Dissect a human to see the superficial limbs

Dissect a human to see the superficial limbs

This anatomical look of the human body will have you dissecting a cadaver to see the superficial limbs. This video tutorial is basically just skinning the upper and lower limbs.

There are two things you need to be aware of when skinning a human corpse, and that is the cephalic vein, which is a vein that arises at the radial border of the dorsal venous rete of the hand, passes upward in front of the elbow and along the lateral side of the arm, and empties into the upper part of the axillary vein, and the bicephalic vein.

If you've enjoyed science class, and you would like to take anatomy class, then go to a medical college, or just watch this educational video.

This is very informative for medical students in need of cadaver dissection instructional videos.

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