How To: Float a ping pong ball in mid air with a hair dryer

Float a ping pong ball in mid air with a hair dryer

Can you float a ping pong ball in mid air? According to Outreach Science Educator Jason Lindsey you can and all you need is a hair dryer. This is a great way to demonstrate wind and gravity with household objects.

Check out this demonstration from Hooked On Science to learn more about science firsthand. Bring science right to your kitchen with these creative ways to demonstrate chemistry, physics and earth science to your kids.

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In the early 70's there was a toy moon lander consisting of balloons simply air inflated, little plastic landing baskets you taped onto the balloon, and a handheld variable speed D-cells battery operated fan you aimed at the balloon from 3 or 4 feet, captured it with the fan with incrementally higher air speed, and the balloon could be moved from one location to another with a steady hand... Whatever happened to simple toys like that?

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