News: Iron Man Played with 1,000,000 Volts of Electricity

Iron Man Played with 1,000,000 Volts of Electricity

Iron Man. What could be a more fitting song for 1,000,000 volts of electricity?

It's the perfect Vegas act, so it's shocking to hear that ArcAttack is yet unsigned.  With their high-tech, custom-made music equipment, homemade chain mail suits and... LIGHTNING!... they put on one electrifying performance!

But their concerts would never be without the likes of past innovators, such as Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, Delia Derbyshire, and, of course... Black Sabbath.

ArcAttack recently jolted the judges (including Sharon Osborne) on America's Got Talent, playing "Iron Man" with their Faraday suits, lightning-proof MIDI guitar and Singing Tesla Coils.

"Our machines produce one million volts of electricity.  It's extremely dangerous.  Death by a Tesla coil would be a very slow and very painful thing."

The MIDI signal from the guitar is routed through a fiber optic cable to control the Tesla coils.

I wonder— what would Ozzy think?

Watch the sparks fly in both videos below.

(1) "Iron Man" test in ArcAttack's Austin, Texas warehouse, (2) America's Got Talent: ArcAttack - "Iron Man"

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that is pretty silly. Does anyone know how much the electrical bill is for one song. Is it big or small?

It's probably not as high as you'd think. The coils use a low duty cycle, which one of the members states draws less power than a washing machine.


Im glad to see these guys are doing well even after being booted from America's Got Talent. They were my favorite.

I didn't realise electricity could be this cool.

So that's why my power went out the other day.

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