How To: Make simple and fun "hot ice" at home with vinegar

Make simple and fun "hot ice" at home with vinegar

Hot ice is a very cool experiment. This is a recipe for homemade 'hot ice' that mimicks the sodium acetate one but only requires simple ingredients!

This tutorial shows you how to make an exothermic reaction creating hot-ice, easily done at home.
You Will Need:
*1 Liter Vinegar
*70ml Baking Soda

1. Pour 1 litre of 5% Vinegar into a pot
2. Slowly add 70ml of Baking Soda
3. Wait for it to dissolve
4. Put pot on high heat and boil
5. Once white crystals form watch for a crust to form in the middle
6. When a crust starts immediately remove from heat and pour into a container
7. Wait 1/2 an hour -if it didn't work i don't know where it went wrong. i've done it this way a dozen times now and it always worked.

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sweet, my vid got used!
***F.Y.I. water is only needed to wash whatever you used in the experiment, all the other instructions are A-o'kay!

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can I use apple or lemon vinegar instead of white vinegar?

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