News: Make an anti-gravity static powered floating orb

Make an anti-gravity static powered floating orb

Think atomic theory is only for nerds? Think again. Make magical electrons dance right before your very eyes. This anti-gravity orb will move at your command.

All you need is a magic wand (for the Muggles of the world, buy PVC pipe) and some leftover Christmas tinsel. No tinsel hiding in your junk drawer? Science Bob's got you covered.

Science Bob, here, is new to WonderHowTo. We're thrilled to add him to our list of favorite Mr. Wizard protégés. Check out his other cool science videos Explosive Volcano and Gooey Slime.

The science behind the orb's flight is as simple as static electricity. Rubbing the PVC in your hair will give the pipe a negative charge. Zapping the tinsel will pass on the charge. The strung together tinsel will repel each other and transform into an orb. The (-) charged pipe then repels the (-) charged orb.

And you, in turn, will do nothing but attract (+) attention with your newfound invisible powers.

Holy Hogwarts, Voldemort. DIY wizardry has never been so accessible!

Make an amazing floating static orb

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like christmas tinsel. it's a super light material that easily conducts a static charge ... very clingy!

and.. what's tinsel? i don't understand what that is, can someone link me an example??

go on google, click pictures, search tinsle and look at the images.

i dont understand what you do with the tinsel. But this is freakin awesome. amazing!!

gather 10 strands and tie them together on the ends-- they will naturally separate when they pick up the negative charge from the PVC

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