How To: Make liquid sculptures from a handwarmer

Make liquid sculptures from a handwarmer

Learn how to make liquid sculptures from a hand warmer in simple steps. First buy an instant reusable hand warmer which has sodium acetate in it and keep it ready. Now use 4 packets of the hand warmer and stir them out with water. Transfer them to a bottle and keep it aside. Take a sodium acetate crystal from a used hand warmer and place it in a plate. Now pour the liquid slowly on the crystal and you can see the liquid turns solid as you pour it. Design your masterpiece using all the liquid. You can heat the sculpture to melt it and store for latter use and also try different experiments with it.

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what happens if when you pour the sodium acetate on the crystal it just falls into a puddle?

Where do you buy the sodium acetate hand warmers? I've had a hard time finding them in the past. Thanks

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