How To: Do the liquid rope coil effect science experiment

Do the liquid rope coil effect science experiment

Check out this cool video where you will learn how to create the liquid rope coil effect. Honey is dribbled off the end of a chopstick into a pot below. As the falling stream stikes the pool of honey below, it turns itself into tight circular coils which rapidly begin to pile one on top of the other. A growing column of liquid coils of rope begin to emerge from above the surface of the honey in the pot in an effect referred to as the liquid rope-coil effect.

Uneveness in the amount of sinking at the base of the growing column of coils causes it to collaspe before a new column of liquid coils re-emerge and begin to rise up again.

The rate of coiling is increased as the height from which the honey is allowed to fall from is raised.
This is a great science experiment to try with your kids. Watch this how to video and you can do the liquid rope coil effect at home.

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