How To: Explore Density, Viscosity & Miscibility with a Colorful Layered Liquid Science Experiment

Explore Density, Viscosity & Miscibility with a Colorful Layered Liquid Science Experiment

Ever wonder why Jupiter has those colored bands across its surface? Jupiter's enormous mass is made from an array of different liquids, and those fluids do not play well together because of their different makeup. All of the hydrogen- and helium-based fluids are thought not to be miscible, which means that they aren't homogeneous in nature, resulting in strikingly beautiful bands across the planet's surface.

Image via NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

But what about viscosity and how that correlates to the development of planets? What does density have to do with our solar system? These astronomy questions can be best represented in a simple little science experiment involving nothing but materials from your own kitchen. You'll learn about refraction, viscosity, miscibility, Jupiter, and the effects of different densities.

Image by Robert Simpson/Orbiting Frog

For this science project, you'll need five different liquids with different densities, all found within your kitchen cupboards: golden syrup, dishwashing liquid, water, alcohol, and vegetable oil. You'll also need a glass, some food coloring, and a chopstick.

This experiment creates a strikingly beautiful layered effect using these kitchen fluids, which demonstrates their different densities in the easiest possible manner. Not only is this an easy way to teach science to children, but it can create some great looking art decor pieces for your home.

Image by Robert Simpson/Orbiting Frog

Orbiting Frog shows you the whole process, step by step, along with the explanation of everything going on, in this colorful liquid layers project. Don't miss out!

Click through to see the full how-to on exploring liquid properties.

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Cover photo via Robert Simpson/Orbiting Frog

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