How To: Find chemicals for science experiments

Find chemicals for science experiments

Watch this science video tutorial from Nurd Rage on how to find chemicals for science experiments with Dr. Lithium.

This is a great resource for all of you at-home chemistry nuts who find it hard to find and buy chemicals. See where you can order chemicals online!

Professional Resources:
Alfa Aesar
Sigma Adrich
TCI America
Strem Chemicals

Personal Resources:
Element Sales
Maker Shed
United Nuclear


Brought to you by one of WonderHowTo's favorite scientists, NurdRage.

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Where do I find the Nurd Rage "senders friend request" so that I may watch the video? I got a YouTube account and signed up with "wonderhowto" what else do I need? Please advise!

What is wrong with this web site??? Videos do not work. You collect facebook account info and give nothing bak for it

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