How To: Mutilate Candy Gummy Bears with Exploratory Science Experiments

Mutilate Candy Gummy Bears with Exploratory Science Experiments

Who could resist a gummy bear?  Those rubbery little candy creatures shaped like a bear are just too cute and too delicious to pass up.  If you can't get any enjoyment out of those gelatin-based confectioneries, then you're simple not human.  Even scientists love them, but not for their seductively sweet properties...

If you've ever wondered what a gummy bear looks like frozen in liquid nitrogen, you've come to the right place.  If you want to see those saccharine, ursine candies liquefied using a high-frequency sonication, you're in for a real treat.  And if you're curious to know the density of those gummies, you'll find that out, too.

How to Mutilate Candy Gummy Bears with Exploratory Science Experiments

Actually, you'll learn a lot about gummy bears with the science experiments below, thanks to Joanne Loves Science and made scientist C for Chemistry.  Not only are gummy bears yummy, they're educational, too!

Freeze Gummy Bears with Liquid Nitrogen & Shatter Them!

Liquefy Gummy Bears with High-Frequency Sound Waves!

Oxidize Gummy Bears with Molten Potassium Chlorate!

Gummy Bears Can Demonstrate Crystallization & Osmosis!

Digest Gummy Bears with Trypsin!

Determine a Gummy Bear's Density!

Determine a Gummy Bear's Mass & Length!

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