How To: Add a resonant charging choke to a hydrogen fuel cell

Add a resonant charging choke to a hydrogen fuel cell

Here are some concepts that Stanley Meyers had related to his patents regarding the Resonant Charging Choke, which is basically Telsa's BiFiler Coil Design, which basically is how to connect the WFC to the bifilar coil for maximum efficiency and if you have higher resistance and impedance than the WFC you can inhibit amp flow and allow voltage to go to the maximum.

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At age 54 am new to this so this may not be good info, don't know. I have been messing around with auto blnker flasher units and putting diffrent wattage lights as resistance factors "headlights, and taillights" in paralelle prior to cell creating a charge and dump into different coils and caps, I have had alot of success with this though no NUMBERS, cause I am lame in that area. I am using for my test's switch plate covers S.S. from Homedepot "10" and believe it or not,,,99.9% pure stripped water! R.O.!
I uuse for coils old burnt out ransformers still intact and the out put is not as great as the late stanley meyers but significant enough that it keeps me LOOKING for improvement. Just thought some one out there might want to look into this

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